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Special needs trusts can be used to preserve eligibility for public benefits.

Special Needs Trusts Preserve Eligibility for Government Benefits.

If you have a loved one who deals with chronic illness or a disability of some kind, you want to be able to keep supporting them after you’re gone. However, you don’t want to disrupt their ability to collect funds from programs like Medicaid or disability payments. In these situations, you can use a special needs trust.

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Withdrawing money from an IRA requires planning.

What Do I Do With an Inherited IRA?

If you are lucky enough to inherit a 401(k) or an IRA, when you don’t know what you are doing, you could put your inheritance at risk. The tax rules need to be followed to the T. These IRS inherited IRA rules will vary, depending on who has passed away, and who is inheriting the retirement accounts.

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Special needs require special planning.

If You’re Going to Die, You Need an Estate Plan

Estate planning sounds like you need to be of nobility and own country estates before it applies to you. However, estate planning only means that you are making a plan for when you pass away or are no longer able to make good decisions for yourself.

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Conservatorships are for people that cannot manage their own finances

Why Are People Protesting Britney Spears’ Conservatorship?

Wednesday afternoon, a few dozen protesters gathered outside the Stanley Mosk Courthouse in downtown Los Angeles, brandishing hot-pink signs with unusual slogans: “The conservator is TOXIC,” “HYBRID BUSINESS MODEL?” and “Where there is smoke, there is fire!” The agitators were there as part of the #FreeBritney movement—a campaign first hailed as an internet joke, then as a serious concern, then as a joke again, then as a scandal and now as some inscrutable combo, both online and off-line, ironic and completely earnest.

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Do it yourself estate planning is risky.

Do It Yourself Wills Go Wrong–Fast

I want to divide my estate equally among their three children. I’ve mapped out a plan to dispose of my property without any probate whatsoever. I put it together from what I’ve read on the internet. It’s just marvelous what you can learn by Googling things, don’t you think?

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